Trevor Agus

Postal address:
The Sonic Arts Research Centre
Queen's University

Tel: +44 (0)28 9097 4445
Email: t.agus (at) qub (dot) ac (dot) uk

Photo of me

New!Now based at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen's University, Belfast (as of August 2013). Business as usual

Research Interests

I research how we learn to recognise sounds. I hope to uncover the processes by which we can identify sounds and categories of sounds with such apparent ease. Currently, I am focusing on the learning of noises (which all sound just like a hiss initially), using psychoacoustical techniques (measuring listeners' ability to reliably report perceptual aspects the sounds). I have also been working on reaction times to natural sounds, showing that we are particularly fast to selectively respond to the human voice. This work has been carried out with Daniel Pressnitzer, in collaboration with Laurent Demany and Simon Thorpe.

I also collaborate on a wide range of topics, including dyslexia (Franck Ramus), informational masking (Axelle Calcus), recognition of short sounds (Clara Suied), fMRI of learnt sounds (Tim Griffiths and Sukhbinder Kumar), fMRI of the human voice (Pascal Belin), native-language effects (Anjali Bhatara), and sleep (Sid Kouider).

Previously, I researched elderly listeners' ability to understand one talker while ignoring a competing talker. In short, it seems like the extra difficulties of elderly listeners stemmed from ear-related issues ("energetic masking") and not so much central, cognitive processes ("informational masking"). It was possible to separate these perceptual components using carefully specified combinations of speech and noise. This research was carried out at the Institute of Hearing Research Scottish Section under the supervision of Michael Akeroyd, in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde Psychology department. For a copy of my PhD thesis, please contact me at t.agus (at) qub (dot) ac (dot) uk.


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